I have been a practicing artist for 40 years choosing oil paints, pastels and canvas                                        as my medium of expression.  As a studio art/art history major at Sarah Lawrence College in                    Bronxville, NY in the early 70’s, I was a photography major with a minor in painting.  I                                  decided I wanted to be a painter. I was enthralled by the New Realism style, and the artists                        Philip Perlstein, Alex Katz, and Alfred Leslie acted as my inspiration.


                  At the start of the 21st Century, my figurative paintings shifted to a more                                                        expressionistic style influenced by Francesco Clemente.  Living so close to NYC for 25 plus                        years, I was gobbling up every museum and gallery show that I could visit. 


For 30 years I painted full time in my studio in Bedford, NY and exhibited in New York and Massachusetts.  During this time I completed many commissions for private clients. I was also commissioned to paint trompe l’oeil murals for private clients in the NY area.


In 2017 I moved to Delray Beach, FL where I currently reside and paint full time.  The style of my future is unfolding with great exploration.  I am currently working on a series of cloud landscapes inspired by the extraordinary cloud formations around me.  I have been assigned many descriptive titles as a painter: a colorist, a figurative painter, a realist.  What I am is a painter. My style is always evolving, and I am always growing.